Feeding on your prey revitalises your mind and your body, allowing your conscious personality to assert itself. In mere moments you are changed back to your humanoid form, a transformation far less painful than becoming the wolf. Instinct tells you to head north and you walk through the desolate landscape for more than an hour, searching for any landmark or sign of civilisation.

As the near-featureless plains begin to give way to hills and woods you stumble across a well-worn track and, before too long, the track forks at a half-rotted sign-post. The first arrow points to the village of Blackhammer, the other arrow is little more than a stump. Nevertheless you know enough geography to recognise the name of Blackhammer and this puts you in the district of northern Adalis. You have never visited this remote corner of the land but know that the two of the larger settlements are Blackhammer to the north and Gnarkton to the east. Either of these towns would be a good place to start the hunt for your treacherous brothers.

As a vampire you will be able to walk amongst humans and villages will provide plenty of opportunities for slaking your eternal cravings, but you must always be wary - townsfolk are easily roused into a murderous mob if they detect either of your true natures. Do you want to:

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