The stairs lead directly into a long, unfurnished corridor. The unmistakable smell of blood fills the air and you walk slowly through the red mist. The scent takes you to the last door on the right - room 8. Your brother's private feast is about to be interrupted and the prospect of satisfying your thirsts for revenge AND blood is irresistible.

You smash through the door of room 8. The sight that greets you would be a horrifying and macabre one to most, but you've seen worse. Hell, you've done worse...

Your brother is standing over what was once a young woman, her blood has already seeped into the furnishings of the once plush room. Wolfgang's jaw, still smeared with blood, drops open in shock, but he recovers quickly.

"You always were a messy eater, brother." You sneer at him.

"You're supposed to be dead, Jaques..." he snarls back. "Well, I guess Wulfram screwed the job up. Still, nice of you to come back and save me the trouble of hunting you down."

Wolfgang is a tough opponent but he is not as strong as you and he does not have a weapon to hand. If you are a wolf, Wolfgang morphs into one too, increasing his SKILL by 2.

WOLGANG skill: 8 stamina: 12

If you win, go to 165.

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