A bolt of lightning shoots past your ear from Morgiana's hand, striking the man in his chest. It does not appear to injure him, however, as he simply fires it back at her! He then fires more bolts until they both disappear. [feel free to re-write this paragraph to make it more epic! The idea is that he teleports her and himself away to who knows where]

A green gem falls to the floor where Morgiana was standing. [note: green gem will do the reverse of blue gem, perhaps unlocking a new sub-quest] You put it in your pocket.

The bodyguards have stopped fighting and are holding their heads. You take this opportunity to drink all their blood. (gain 8 STAMINA points). Thinking over the event, you realise, to your embarrassment, that you have been fighting an evil wizard!

You can find no treasure in the chamber, but are able to escape the caves unchallenged. (You may now morph to wolf form, if you wish)

You now have the choice of going towards Gnarkton, which is now far away, and Blackhammer which should be close, further up the road you recently left.

Gnarkton (203)

Blackhammer (344)

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