You are quick to note that a grim-looking man across the table has snatched a spoon from the table. There is a delayed reaction but you are one of the first to follow, taking the spoon nearest you.

The guy sitting next to you hardly registers the fact that everybody else has taken a spoon and everybody laughs at him. You take your share of the money, and more as the men aren't looking (gain twice your original wager in Gold Pieces so if you bet 2gp you get 4gp now).

You then resolve to find out some more about your brothers and you announce to everyone at the table that you are looking to kill a famous vampire, Wolfgang Eberstark (your youngest brother).

There is a hushed silence but the grim man speaks up.

"A man called Eberstark is lodging in the Count's Head at this moment," he said. "I know because I was in the lobby as he came in this morning."

"Here, take this stake," says an old man as you rush out of the tavern, "you will need it to kill the vampire!" Record the stake on your adventure sheet.

Suddenly determined, you head straight across the street into the upper-class inn.

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