You pause at the cabin's door to consider your approach but when you notice the door is already open you decide to slip in unannounced. The cabin contains a large wooden table with books and papers at one end and plates, cutlery and a goblet at the other. Against one wall is a simple bunk bed and opposite that is a set of drawers and a battered old naval chest. The only other furniture are two large chairs that face the fireplace, which is the only stone structure in the cabin. A thick layer of dust covers everything. The figure in the chair remains motionless, if it weren't for the fresh candles and the roaring fire you would think the cabin hadn't been occupied for years.

You step towards the fireplace and look down at the figure in the chair. As you had perhaps been anticipating the figure is a corpse, dead for several years and now a dry, dessicated husk. A rotting book, it's pages in tatters and it's ink long since faded, is still clutched in the skeleton's hand. You can leave this mysterious cabin and continue on your way (turn to 294) but this might make an good place to get some rest (turn to 361).

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