The words of your greeting are friendly enough but your tone, as always, is one of confident authority. The men are at first startled, then suspicious and finally a little deferent. You quickly establish that Gnarkton has recently been threatened by packs of wild animals. In desperation the villagers have sent out hunting parties to put a stop to these attacks. You ask them exactly what they have been hunting. "Wolves, mainly," one of them replies. Another, the most belligerent of the group, interrupts, "Werewolves, stranger. You're lucky to have escaped them, alone out here, in the night. Just what is your story? Who are you?" Immediately the level of suspicion rises. Hands reach for sword hilts.

"Calm yourselves gentlemen," you begin, "my name is Leon Muller and I am here on business from Hoodstad." The suspicious hunter steps forwards and lifts his lantern into your face, perhaps expecting you to shrink from the light. He snorts and asks: "business? What business?"

You smile your trademark cold smile. "Hunting werewolves, naturally. I'm disappointed my name hasn't reached these parts. Still, that will change, if you will allow me to help you." It is true that Leon Muller is known throughout most of Adalis as a hunter of demons and slayer of beasts - you killed him yourself a year ago and have found his identity a useful one to assume. The men are taken aback and begin to mutter amongst themselves.

<something something....>

Finally you may enter Gnarkton. Turn to 12.

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