Wolfgang staggers back under the flurry of blows. You seize the moment and plunge the stake into Wolfgang's chest. He opens his mouth to scream but his lungs have already collapsed into dust.

"Goodbye little brother," you whisper. Your triumphant smile is the last thing he sees. You kick the pile of ashes in contempt and turn to your late brother's last supper. At least he had good taste... Restore 4 STAMINA points.

You are about to leave when you notice something on the floor - Wolfgang's signet ring. You all had such a ring once, but yours must have been stolen by Wulfram. The ring boosts your vampiric powers, increasing your SKILL by 1. The ring is engraved with the number 111, of which you should make note.

You leave the inn, pushing past the mumbling innkeeper, telling him that you just killed a notorious vampire. You cannot repress a smile as you hear him scream when he sees the mess in room 8. It is almost morning now and you resolve to leave Blackhammer. Go to 200.

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