You glance around to see that Morgiana has killed her opponent and you both turn on the remaining bandits.

DAGGER WIELDING BANDIT skill 8 stamina 9

BOW WIELDING BANDIT skill 6 stamina 6

Roll one dice each attack round to see who Morgiana will attack (she has a skill of 6, and will not be injured if hit). On a 1-3 she will fight the dagger bandit, on a 4-6 she will fight the bow bandit. You may choose to attack the same opponent, in which case you should fight both opponents together (and both will attack you), but Morgiana will also attempt to strike the appropriate bandit. Alternatively you may attack the other opponent, in which case you should treat each battle separately for that attack round. Once one bandit falls, you will both attack the other, who will attempt to injure you.

If you win you may take the bow but unfortunately the arrows have all been damaged beyond repair. You must now continue along the corridor and turn to 274.

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