You find a small depression in the rock wall. Pressing it, a secret door opens, and you dive through. Inside, you find a room with several useful-looking items in. As you enter, the door closes behind you and Morgiana. Looking around, you see the following items:


A red gem

A short sword [needs to be better than a dagger, but not as good as a sword, hmm. Perhaps the dagger could also do one less damage...]

A small shield (will block any physical damage on a roll of 6)

[feel free to add useful, but not essential, quest or sub-quest items here]

A passage leads from this room. Following this you find another secret door, which opens into yet another passage. Looking to the left, you see the crossroads you paused at earlier, and the bandits hammering on the door. You hurry away to the right!

Turn to 227.

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