After walking for another hour the forest begins to recede to your left, a steep slope serves as an effective boundary. To your right the slope leads gently down into a wide open plain. In the distance you can just about see the village of Gnarkton. Even at this late hour a few fires are still lit. The thought of a hot fire and some hot blood quickens your pace.

As you approach the village you see a group of men wearing dark cloaks, some carrying shields and lanterns, on the road ahead of you. No law-abiding citizen would be awake at this hour but equally bandits would not give themselves away by using lanterns. The group is walking slowly and you soon catch up to them, although you keep enough distance not to give yourself away. You can just about make out some of their conversation - they are hunters, not particularly good ones and their prey has escaped. You notice all the men are armed with swords or knives.

If you wish to avoid a confrontation with these men you can hang back and enter Gnarkton discretely (turn to 12). If you want to hail them as a vampire, turn to 154. If you want to approach them as a wolf, turn to 120

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