Scourge of Undeath Wiki

Suddenly two lumbering Orcs burst out of the mist in front of you.

“There’s our din-dinnz!” shouts one in a painfully thick tongue.

“You didn’t crump it with that arrer, ya muppet!” whinges the other.

The Orcs are huge, unintelligent creatures. The only thing they are good at is fighting so this battle will be difficult. Fight them one at a time:

ORC WANDERER skill: 6 stamina: 9

HUNGRY ORC skill: 7 stamina: 6

If you win, you pick up a crude sword from one of the Orcs and replace your dagger (increase your SKILL by 1). Unfortunately the Orc’s blood is coarse and black; you cannot drink it else it will inadvertently make you more dense. Now go to (333).