The smell is almost overpowering now. The thought of finally reaching the source drives you to run even faster. The tunnel opens up into a large spherical chamber and you skid to a halt on a ledge overlooking it. A huge tangle of tree roots bursts from the roof of the chamber and spiral down. The circular wall is studded with phosphorescent crystals and the bottom of the chamber is flooded with a dark green liquid into which the largest of the tree roots is submerged. You detect a faint clicking sound and pick out movement on a tree root. First you make out two twitching antennae and then the vicious, metallic-looking mandibles before, finally, you are fixed by the insect's orb-like eyes. Although only half your size this armoured bug will still be a formidable challenge.


There are no other exits from this chamber. You will have to retrace your steps (turn to 385). Before you leave you may drink from the green liquid, it seems to do a good enough job of sustaining whichever tree is rooted here. To try this turn to 335.

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