Your lupine instincts alert you to a change in your surroundings. There is the faintest of scents in the air and your ears twitch at every sound. You follow the scent to the edge of the path and push through the undergrowth. The forest floor ahead of you is littered with leaves and dead branches. You pad forwards and slash at the earth. A large opening half-covered with leaves and twigs is revealed as you sweep away the debris. Running entirely on instinct you advance into the concealed tunnel.

It is absolutely black but your wolf's eyes let you see in the dark. The tunnel runs downwards and then abruply forks. The scent that lures you onwards is getting stronger and seems to be coming from your left. Roll 1 dice. If the result is 1-4 then turn to 70. If it is 5-6 turn to 84.

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