You travel on for another ten minutes seemingly in the wrong direction until the trail takes a right-angle and continues going East again. You are almost relieved as you suspect that the path took a detour to avoid some sort of trap or landscape feature.

However, you are irritated when the track suddenly turns South, once again in the wrong direction from where you expect Gnarkton to be. It is then joint by many thin paths coming from all sorts of orientations, with large and small footprints mingling. Yet it is becoming very difficult to tell as a heavy mist is building up and you can’t see five metres in front of you! On top of this, you are beginning to get very hungry for blood and worry that you won’t find any life for a while (lose 2 STAMINA).

Attempting to bury your frustration, you follow the path for a little more and see a hill rising to your left. Something doesn’t feel quite right and you must think of something quick or get lost forever or die of hunger.

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