You decide that the rest of the greenskins are probably at the summit of the knoll which the Orcs ran down from. It takes you a small while to climb to the top of the hill but it is not steep. Here at the crest you are above the mist and can see for miles around: it is easy to see how the Orcs were able to ambush you, or attempt to ambush you, from here.

Walking round, you soon hear high-pitched squealing and see three goblins desperately trying to get a fire started. They are so embroiled in their argument that they don’t even notice you standing only a few metres away from them.

“Gutbasha and Bonebreaka will be back in a minute with the meat,” one squeaks assertively.

“But we need to get a fire going else they’ll squish us,” another pleads.

“Which is why you should give the wood to me, I’m the only one who can start a fire!” the third bickers.

“No you can’t!” the others cry in unison.

You decide to put an end to their misery and pounce upon one of the pathetic, long-nosed creatures.

GOBBO skill: 4 stamina: 4

If you kill the goblin the other two run off (in fact they ran off long before that). You feed on the juicy goblin (gain 2 STAMINA).

Inspecting your surroundings from the high ground, you can vaguely see Gnarkton several miles away in the North-East direction. Although the twisting path took you slightly off course, you are luckily not too far from your destination, so you set off.

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