It is more with luck than judgement that, at the last moment, you manage to avoid another headhunter pit-trap. You leap through the air, crash through several branches and thick leaves, before landing perfectly in a small clearing. All seems quiet...

An unusual scent hits you and your eyes scour the area for the source. There is a low, rumbling groan and then the forest floor itself begins to rise up in front of you. Dead leaves and other woodland debris fall aside as thick roots, some as thick as your forearm, retract and curl up. You growl at this strange phenomena but the roots continue to twist and rise up. Without warning one of the roots lashes out at you, striking you across the face. Deduct 1 STAMINA point.

If, when determining your attack strength, you roll a double AND win that attack round, you will have successfully struck at the heart of the creature, killing it instantly. Unfortunately for each attack round you lose the root creature will wrap another tentacle-like vine around you, restricting your movement and reducing your SKILL by one point.


You lick your wounds (you can restore any SKILL points lost in this combat) and realise that there will be no respite from danger anywhere in this forest.

Until instructed otherwise you may not change shape. Turn to 229.

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