As you travel eastwards the dirt trail connects with a much larger road and underfoot mud is replaced by stone. In the distance a line of thin, dark trees marks the edge of a huge forest that dominates the landscape. The road continues to the south-east, skirting the forest's limit. You have been walking for hours and already feel the first pangs of hunger...deduct 1 STAMINA point.

You reach another fork in the path and see that a signpost has recently been uprooted and trampled, probably quite recently. You stoop down and assemble the splintered fragments. The main path is signposted “Narke Town”, the letters clumsily gouged out of the wood. Your other option is to take a thin trail through the forest. This is signposted “Konigsförst” in neatly carved letters. It is also marked with a skull...

The forest is a formidable barrier of gnarled trees and impenetrable undergrowth but the trail would get you to Gnarkton more quickly, allowing you to slake your lust for blood on the luckless citizens.

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