Before you get some rest you decide to open the old naval chest. Half expecting either a fortune in gold or a deadly trap you lift the lid. Inside are some lumps of coal. Somewhat disappointed you pick up a large chunk and toss it into the fireplace. Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, there is a rush of wind and all the candles spontaneously extinguish. You reach for the door but it slams shut and you cannot open it. Before you can do anything else there is a deep, feral roar from the fireplace. The flames rise and spill out from the hearth. A column of fire passes between the two chairs, without burning them, and grows in the middle of the cabin. You have disturbed a FIRE DEMON.

This elemental force cannot be damaged, even by one such as you. The reverse is not true, in fact for each attack round you lose you must deduct six STAMINA points! If you win an attack round it merely means you have evaded the demon's assault...


If you are still alive after five attack rounds turn to 159.

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