When you enter Blackhammer a market is in progress. As you browse the stalls, you see the following items of possible use:

Sword = 8GP

Bow = 15GP

  • Arrows = 1GP for 1, or 3GP for 5

Silver Dagger = 15GP

Potion of Skill, Stamina or Luck = 20GP each

Timlax = 30GP

Map of Northern Adalis = 3GP

You may buy or sell anything at the written prices. The sword is nothing special, but is a better weapon than your dagger (you may restore the skill point). You may fire arrows into any combat in which you are a vampire, upon successfully testing for skill you may subtract two stamina points from your opponent's stamina. After the combat you may regain the arrow on another successful test for skill. If you fail it means you have lost or broken the arrow - remove it from your adventure sheet. The silver dagger will work the same as a normal dagger, but will give you bonuses against certain enemies (and silver weapons are the only weapons that will injure some enemies).

Potions will restore the appropriate characteristic to its initial value, and a potion of luck will add 1 to your initial score. Timlax is a herb that can save your life - if you are reduced to 0 stamina, you will become invulnerable for that reference, and at the next reference you will regain 4 stamina points.

If you buy the map, turn to 216

Otherwise, turn to 69

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