The men hardly seem to register your presence as you sit down with them to play cards. They are probably badly drunk. It seems that they are playing the legendary game of "Spoons" judging by the many rusty spoons lying on the table.

First choose to wager an amount of gold coins. If you have none, you can't play. If you can't or don't want to play, you can talk to the lonely man (298) or to the busy innkeeper (171).

It seems demeaning for you to play a game with humans, but you enjoyed games greatly in your lifetime and you still like them now and hope to gain some information from your drunk opponents.

Each player is dealt four cards and every few seconds everybody passes round the table one card and receives another. If anybody manages to complete a set of four cards, they must grab a spoon, at which point everyone takes one. Since there is one less spoon than the number of players, one person will always be left out and they must give out their money to the other players.

You are dealt a hand of a Queen, a Seven, another Queen and an Eight. What do you pass?

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