You deal Rorkson a massive blow to his sword-arm, almost cutting it clean off. The crowd are silent for a moment, then start cheering. They swarm around you, trying to touch you and shake your hand: Rorkson has been a plague on this tavern for months and has spoiled the mood of the drinkers; now you have shown him his place. Gain 1 LUCK point.

You angrily fight through the people to find your vain opponent and finish him off, but he is nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly you hear a voice roar: "YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!" from the entrance and then the tavern door slams loudly as Rorkson storms out. You laugh, you will enjoy beating the swine again. For now, the innkeeper offers you a meaty meal (gain 2 STAMINA) and a free room for the night (351). You query him about vampires but he says he knows nothing, expect that one has been terrorising villages to the South from the underground tunnel complex, the Underwarrens. You thank him for this useful information and head off to bed.

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