Nerves on edge, you advance slowly through the undergrowth. Without further warning, and with a deafening scream, a colony of bats rushes forwards but you stand unmoved as they flow around you and then up into the night. Despite your own condition you have never felt any affinity for these creatures and are pleased when they have disappeared. You see a large, crudely carved stone totem, twice your height, emerging from the trees before you. Doubtless the bats had been sheltering in the totem's huge, grinning skull. You smile as you see two pits at either side of the totem, each filled with sharpened stakes - another trap evaded (add 1 LUCK point). Still, you are deep in headhunter territory and must be cautious...

As you pass the next line of trees you find yourself in a large clearing where three well-worn tracks meet. You ignore the track heading south and consider your next move. If you want to head north-west turn to 294. If you would rather follow the north-easterly track turn to 205.

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