You have been trapped in the pit for over an hour when you hear a rustling noise, immediately followed by a high-pitched shriek. Suddenly something drops from above and only your unnatural reflexes save you from being knocked over. A wild boar has fallen into the trap and now lies unconscious at your feet. You decide to feed on this creature, not knowing when, if ever, your captors will arrive. Restore 5 STAMINA points.

You do not have to wait long judging by the loud, celebratory chattering that reaches you from above. The headhunters probably chased the boar in this direction deliberately. You have only seconds to decide which form to take:

If you wish to face the headhunters as a vampire turn 394, otherwise deduct 1 STAMINA point and see if these savages can take a werewolf's head... (turn to 368).

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