Important Notes

PLEASE NOTE: Bold sections are where this gamebook’s rules differ from typical Fighting Fantasy rules.

  • D6 = a 6 sided dice roll
  • D3 = Half a dice roll, rounded up

Initial Rolls

To determine your Initial SKILL, STAMINA, and LUCK scores:

  • Roll a D3. Add 6 to this. This is your SKILL.
  • Roll a D6. Add 18 to the number. This is your STAMINA.
  • Roll a D3. Add 6 to this. This is your LUCK.


For reasons that will be explained below, all your scores will change constantly during the adventure. You must keep an accurate record of these scores, and for this reason, you are advised to keep an eraser handy. However, never rub out your Initial scores, except on those very rare occasions when the text specifically tells you so.

Although you may be rewarded additional SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK points, these totals may never exceed your initial Scores, except on very rare occasions, when you will instructed on a particular page. SKILL reflects your general expertise in fighting and combat; the higher the better. STAMINA score reflects your general constitution, your overall will to survive, your determination and overall fitness; the higher your STAMINA score, the longer you will be able to survive. LUCK score indicates how naturally lucky a person you are. Luck is a fact of life in the fantasy world you are in.


If you are told to take a SKILL, STAMINA or LUCK test you must roll the number of die indicated. By default, a SKILL or a LUCK test is taken on TWO die (D12). If the total number rolled is less than or equal to your current score for that value, you passed the test. In addition, each time you pass a LUCK test deduct 1 from your LUCK value.


In combat, you roll two dice. The sum of this and your SKILL is your Attack Strength. You do the same for your opponent. Whoever has the highest Attack Strength wounds the other. In this book this means a deduction of FOUR STAMINA points.

One more piece of terminology, the above process constitutes one Attack Round. Usually you repeat until someone's STAMINA drops to zero (death).

Special Rules

Being an evil beast, you have the ability to morph between a werewolf and a vampire. Throughout the adventure you will be asked what your current form is and you must answer this truthfully.

You are only allowed to switch forms IN BETWEEN references, BEFORE you have read the next reference. For instance, after finishing reading reference 68 I must decide whether to become a vampire or remain a wolf or vice-versa before moving onwards. Each time you switch forms, deduct 1 STAMINA. This represents the pain of transformation and your constant gnawing hunger.

Each type of beast has the following characteristics:


• Can walk amongst humans undetected

• Intelligent, can read and think properly


• A temporary increase of +2 SKILL

• Extraordinary sense of smell

• Not intelligent and likely to attack any nearby beings hysterically for blood

You may wish to note down these differences if you are likely to forget them. Please note that being the right form at the right time is crucial to winning this adventure and it is up to you to remember to change form.


You begin this adventure with just a dagger you find in your pocket (deduct 1 SKILL until you find a better weapon) and 10 gold pieces that were left on your body.

The Introduction

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